We are a small group of beekeepers in the northeastern part of British Columbia: Dawson Creek and Fort St. John are the larger towns in the region.

Being north of 56 degrees latitude, our area has a great difference in sunlight between summer and winter: 

For honey bees, that means we have a challenging time through winter: freezing temperatures (and some as low as -40) from early November through March; but a relatively quick change to many hours of bee flight in summer.  Good pollen sources starting in mid April.

We have an intense nectar flow starting near the end of June and extending to August. Per-colony yields average 150 pounds of honey and can be over 200 pounds. 

Contact us

President:            Gordon Parslow  

                           (250) 759 4454


Secretary/Treasurer:   Kerry Clark  

                            (250) 782 6646